"Victimized" E​.​P (2014)

by Clarity Calls Forth

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7 Song E.P


released January 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Clarity Calls Forth Cleveland, Ohio

Deathcore band from Cleveland, Ohio
Booking: Claritycallsforth@gmail.com

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Track Name: Victimized
This ones for all those who betrayed me now
You'll get a taste of how I truly feel x2

Show you the true colors of your betrayal
False hope is what your snake tongue has unveiled

Your head will smash your blood will spill

I went to goddamn long with you stabbing my fucking back

Its time to pay with blood on my hands

You have lived too damn long without feeling a single regret
Its time to justify all this blood on my hands

I've been victimized x2

I will not portray anything you'd have me say
Putrid stench flows out your mouth every single fucking day
This world can't take much more of your shit you filthy whore
Reality must have lost it's grasp

You're nothing but a fucking bitch x5

Now your destined for nothing more
You betrayed my trust so turn to dust

A secrecy of false emotions has taken over your mind
It will never cease to exist unless I snuff it out for you
Snuff it out for you

Mother fucker this will be your doom
Now you're the one whose victimized x2
Track Name: Tailored Delusion
Now's the time to rip this fucking world apart
My hatred for this stinking filth is fucking killing me
These Illusions of grandeur must corrode away
Wake up we were all born enslaved
disgust of blatant hypocrisy is nothing new to see
Wake up you've had your final chance
here comes the moment when you take your final failing BREATH
Silence is what I long for
I have come for you to sever the ties of man
cleaning up this wasted space
for so long I have kept the thought inside me
Taking all these lives just came to me naturally
entranced I can't stop
Opened the world to the vicious man I've known
Hollow from the inside I've lost my fucking soul
this taste of blood starts to arouse me as I lick my fingers
on the fringe of death I keep you alive so the pain will increase and linger
I have nothing left I'm a husk of a hollow fiend
slicing through this flesh symbolizes the pain you've deemed
I have nothing left time to cut this heart out
I have come for you to sever the ties of man
Cleansing is what I sought for
Now here come that beautiful white light
Track Name: Words of War
Peering through your window to see you getting dressed
Lust has been pushing my urges that one's supposed to repress
Time is slowly stopping as I force myself inside
I don't really give a shit right now
To invite myself in and stay a little while
maybe if we cut your heart out first
We can drink the blood to quench my longing thirst
cutting this flesh away, to give a crimson show
try and stay awake for the pain is amazing I would not delay x2
Flesh and bone rot away Yet your soul will stay with me There is no escape
You never knew that this place would be your tomb
I've cut your tendons so there's nowhere to run too
I have total control over this puny life
Let's take a look inside this hollow cage
I cut so deep in you
I lay inside of you
this was my reason for living
To feel you writhe with pain
Squeezing your organs so tightly
aroused from this sight of death
I hate this life x3
Track Name: Dead Eyes
Pain Ceaseless never ending for others I have no accord
Now come suffer from Existence to show you death will be my fucking pleasure
I can not take all this any fucking more
and you will pay so dearly just like your family
they lost their heads don't take it personally they were just debts
they were just debts and now their dead
begging for life is something you should think about for if I spared it I'd always haunt your mind throughout X2
Flaying, Cutting, Smashing, Fucking
The blood will spill from every punctured orifice
my dogs are getting hungry so let's rip out some more organs
Death Comes
I've never done anything like this before
But since we've started it's my mind that seems to beg for more
I've never known what I could become
Pain Ceaseless never ending
for others I have no accord
Now come suffer from existence
To show you death will be my fucking pleasure
My hounds they feed on your dead corpse
My hounds they feed no fucking remorse
They will only have scraps left to identify
I will watch the life fade from your eyes X5
Track Name: Infliction
I'm Just the bastard son of pitiful useless excuse of a man
You left me in a car and didn't fucking care you just left me for dead
So now you'll suffer X4
Father you died before you could see the damage done
Nothing but a coward who ran from his own destiny
Father you died before you could see me thrive in life
Now you reside in hell and that's where you always belonged
This hate you bestowed in me has boiled over into my reality
If I snapped I'd kill all humanity
I hate this fucking world
Listening to others that had fathers that were good
just tightens the rope around my neck and kicked the stool
I'd rather blow my brains out than know you played mom a fool
Your sadistic pleasures have let me down
I hate you fuck
It makes me violently sick that I am part of you
If only I could cut the flesh and remove your nasty brew
I would tear into my heart and let the sickness out
I would smash my brain to let this darkness out
father you lied
flesh and bone created by a man with no knowledge of what he's made
born of a bastard man with no agenda but his own selfish flesh
no regard for defacing the value of love and fucking compassion
You went and did what you did I am at a loss for sorrow
and when I die and find you in hell father I will kill you again and again and again